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Asrita, muslim student who is an expert in calligraphy

Her name is Asrita, Dara who was born in Bireuen on May 3, 1998, is now active as a student at the International Relations Study Program at the University of Almuslim (Umuslim), Peusangan, Bireuen, Aceh.

Asrita is a student who is an expert in calligraphy. He has obtained various calligraphy champions since he was in elementary school to college.

Asrita said, through his achievements in calligraphy, Asrita received an MTQ scholarship in Umuslim.

"Thank God I was able to study for free tuition for 4 years. At least I can ease the costs that parents should pay. Maybe this is the result of my perseverance so far, "said Asrita.

Dara, who lives in Cot Batee Village, Kuala Sub-district, Bireuen, also represented her campus at the national student MTQ event at the calligraphy branch in Unsyiah 2019.

"Since I was a child, I really loved the art world, I proved that through the achievements I achieved, since 2012 for the first time I entered the competition, I won 2nd place at the Porseni branch of calligraphy at MTSn level in Bireuen Regency," said Asrita

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