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Minds in Action Luncheon Empowers Women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities

Australia - On March 18th, 2023, Salamah Community Hall in Chester Hill played host to the Muslim Women: Minds in Action Luncheon. The event, supported by Women NSW and hosted by 2MFM and the Muslim Women’s Welfare of Australia, brought together women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities for an inspiring day of leadership, innovation, and career development.

The aim of the event was to empower women to challenge stereotypes and break the norms through valuable insights into various fields including healthcare, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), and more. The event proved to be highly successful, with distinguished keynote speakers and panellists motivating and empowering women to pursue their passions and shatter gender barriers prevalent in the workforce.

The Muslim Women: Minds in Action Luncheon provided a unique opportunity for women from CALD communities to connect with like-minded individuals, expand their horizons, and learn from some of the most remarkable women of our time. The event was a testament to the power of female leadership and innovation, and showcased the remarkable achievements and inspiring journeys of women from diverse backgrounds.

The event began with the MC, Mrs Halima ElZahab, welcoming the guests and providing housekeeping instructions. Jasmine Baltagi, Vice President of the Muslim Women's Welfare of Australia gave an inspiring speech about the importance of empowering women in culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. In her speech, she emphasized that the study of STEM has a great benefit to society and is a communal obligation in Islam. She encouraged women not to view STEM as something too difficult or only befitting to a male character, and that a Muslim woman's femininity should not stop her from acquiring knowledge or teaching it.

This was followed by a speech by Nadia Zahr, 2MFM Presenter/Producer who acknowledged the significant contributions of Australian Muslim women in diverse fields, including science, engineering, healthcare, and education. She expressed gratitude for the platform provided by 2MFM, Australia's largest Islamic radio station, in promoting diversity and inclusion, particularly for Muslim women.

Nadia acknowledged the collaboration between 2MFM and the Muslim Women's Welfare of Australia (MWWA) in delivering a ground-breaking interview series during NSW Women's Week, which celebrated the achievements of Muslim women in various fields. The series highlighted inspiring stories of Muslim women who challenged stereotypes, broke barriers, and made a difference in their respective fields. Nadia concluded by encouraging Muslim women to take the leap and join the mission to empower and uplift their communities because they never know where their journey may lead them.

A notable feature of the event was the panel discussion, moderated by Mrs. Nora Awad, a facilitator from MWWA, which included four accomplished women from diverse fields. The panellists were, Racha Dabboussi, Assistant Project Engineer, Eman Alshafie Secondary School Teacher of Mathematics and Science, Jasmine Homaysi, Emergency Department Registered Nurse, and Sara Mneimneh Data Warehousing and BI consultant.

The panelists shared their experiences and insights on leadership, innovation, and career development, inspiring the audience to pursue their passions and break through gender barriers in the workforce.

The guests showed a keen interest in the diverse experiences and insights shared by the panelists and were eager to ask questions that ranged from the challenges faced by women in male-dominated fields to strategies for achieving work-life balance. The interactive session fostered a meaningful exchange of ideas and allowed the guests to gain valuable insights from the panelists' experiences.

As a gesture of gratitude, the panellists were presented with certificates of appreciation and gifts, acknowledging their valuable contributions to the community.

The event concluded with an interactive activity, wherein the attendees participated in a quiz that tested their knowledge of mathematics, science, and technology. The MC, Mrs Halima Elzahab, then delivered the closing remarks, expressing gratitude to the guests and encouraging them to persist in the pursuit of their passions.

The Muslim Women: Minds in Action Luncheon was a truly inspiring event, equipping attendees with the tools and insights to pave the way for the next generation of trailblazing women.

We look forward to more events like this in the future, and extend our gratitude to all of our partners and supporters for their contributions in making this event a success.

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