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Calligraphy Carver Without Whole Feet and Fingers from Banyuwangi

Life without legs and fingers is intact does not make Mustaqbilal sad heart. The man who was born on 3 September 1981 was even successful in being the head sculptor of Barong Oseng, carving from the Oseng Banyuwangi tribe.

Bilal, as he is called, has been pursuing sculpture since 1999. "Initially, my father helped rattan weaving, then I learned to carve. And the continuity of carving until now," Bilal said when he was met by Basra in the East Java Fair area in Grand City Surabaya.

When sculpting, Bilal's right hand, which was not intact and lacked fingers, was fastened to the hammer. To tie the hammer, Bilal uses his left hand and mouth. While his left hand holding a chisel.

Not only good at making the head of Barong Oseng, Bilal is also good at sculpting various heads of Barong Bali, Barong Rejeng, to the heads of the tigers that are commonly used in a series of jaranan arts. For marketing his work is currently only done in the Banyuwangi area.

"The sales are still in the Banyuwangi area and I only work on the head of the barong according to the order because currently the Barong market is quiet interested," he said.

One small Barong can be finished Bilal in 3 to 4 days. Barong that he made comes from mango wood. Meanwhile, to deal with the lonely request Barong, Bilal also made Arabic calligraphy carvings from bamboo wood.

"Arabic calligraphy makes it from bamboo trees because it is easier to get bamboo tree trunks," he added.

Meanwhile, the price for a small-sized barong head is pegged at Rp 400 thousand. While the large barong can reach Rp. 8 million. The calligraphy craft made by Bilal starts at Rp. 100,000

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